Greetings, earthlings.


So, after a two year bender of procrastination, I have finally decided to create some sort of website in order to present myself as a vaguely responsible human being.

To wit, I have been using Facebook as my default online presence, in an effort to… well, not to have to do anything.

Sadly, there are humans around me who, every once in a while, push, pull, pry me in one direction or another. It just so happens that usually the blather of my inner voices drowns them out… but every so often the noise recedes and… there they are… still pushing, pulling, prying me to do said thing. So, I have heard the call and am, here, answering it.

I’m not sure what one normally puts on these things but I can imagine it has something to do with a few words about my writing, perhaps an author bio,  maybe a photograph conveying gravitas and some sort of interactive potential with the outside world.

So, without further ado, ladies and gentleman… the official Andrea Portes website!

Click to buy HICK here.

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7 comments on “Greetings, earthlings.

  1. As a fellow Southeast Knight I just wanted to give you props on all you’ve done. The site looks great and I thoroughly enjoyed HICK, even as a boy I could totally relate to Luli as I spent plenty of time in bars growing up in the sticks. I hope the movie does it justice. Do you have any other works in the plan? Even though this is a cheesy parent thing to say, I know I speak for all our fellow classmates when I say we’re proud of you :) Keep living the dream.

  2. Hi. Welcome to the Internets. I read and stuff. :)

    Congrats, Andrea! Wishing you continuing success, always.

  3. You should put up information (or at least a teaser!) about your second novel. ;)

  4. I haven’t read the book but I am intrigued. Where did you get the name Luli?

  5. You are really cool. So glad we met on Sunday!

  6. Being a responsible person is overrated

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